TweetUp, adsense twitter


Hand Idealab just born Tweetup, which could be defined as adsense twitter, or rather the advertising system using twitter as a basis for your system.

TwitterTweetup basically allows businesses to advertise on the search results tweetup texts and tweets from your twitter account they choose to display highlights from the rest.

Finder technology tweetup is quite advanced and has an algorithm that calculates the relevance based on the number of followers, retweets and mentions that is made to a specific account.

These tweetup search results will be integrated into sites like seesmic, twitdroid, kloud, twitterfeed,, business insider, popurls and surely some more …

At the moment the platform is open only for $ 100 advertisers which offer advertising to the early 1000, in the future may generate revenue TweetUp including a widget on our website.

How do you see TweetUp system? Is it something that eventually would end coming, the question is whether this system will work as conceived or need a few more reforms to advertisers them out profitable investment …

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