Using Bluetooth Technology in Your Car Versus Using Cell Phone Speakers

Technological advances have made it possible to communicate as you are driving. Telephone speakers have been used for many years in cars because it is dangerous to use a hand-held cell phone while driving and it is actually illegal to do so in some states. Bluetooth technology is relatively new, but it has several advantages. When deciding how you are going to communicate with the outside world from your car, the only way to pick the best option is to weigh the pros of using Bluetooth technology against the pros of using telephone speakers and to look at the option that has demerits you can live with or demerits that have remedies. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that connects the phone to an earpiece. One advantage of this technology is that passengers will not hear what the caller is saying – this is not the case with a telephone speaker.

The fact that Bluetooth technology uses earphones is advantageous in that there is more clarity compared to cell telephone speakers. With mobile telephone speakers, there is usually interference in communication due to noise by passengers or due to traffic. Bluetooth technology also allows you to enjoy extra features. An example of these features is music streaming. The music can be streamed right to your earphones. Such features remove the inconvenience and clutter of wires. Some cars come with Bluetooth car kit for these functions. Bluetooth mobile phone used with these car kits must support HFP or Hands-Free Profile and HSP or Handset Profile.

To turn on the cell telephone speaker, you need to go to the phone’s settings. This might be dangerous if you are driving. However, all you need with a Bluetooth earpiece is to press on a button when a call comes in and to press it when the call is over. All in all, Bluetooth technology is very common today and many phones are Bluetooth enabled. The earphones go for as little as 15 to 20 dollars. On the other hand, many people find earphones annoying and pretentious. For these people, having cell telephone speakers in the car is the best option. Most cell phones have inbuilt speakers. This means you do not need to make an extra investment. With Bluetooth technology, you need to by an earphone which will set you back $15 to $20.

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology may fail because it is wireless and the transmitter or the receiver may become faulty. However, the reliability of cell telephone speakers is guaranteed because the only time they will not work is when your phone is not working. An advantage common to both Bluetooth technology and cell telephone speakers is that not much is attached on the interior. This reduces the risk of vandalism by people after your gadgets. Another advantage that is common to both Bluetooth technology and communicating through cell telephone speakers is that both are low power wireless technologies. This means you do not need an external source of power – the power of the phone output is enough.

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