We can consider the CTR as a ranking factor?


In the market, much is said about the weight of each ranking factor for search engines because these data are essential for effective measurement of Strategic SEO. Because of this, the contributors of Search Engine Land site held a very interesting experience to analyze the influence of CTR (click through rate on search results) in the positioning of websites on the Google search page.

SEOThe methodology of the study

Conducted in the United States, the experiment met the following steps:

  • The experts have developed software to generate clicks on a result in particular of search;
  • For this, they used a thousand different IP addresses;
  • Simulated clicks of different devices (mobile, tablet and desktop);
  • After the click, the software was programmed to stay on the page for at least 20 seconds.

After developing the software, they decided that the results could be more relevant if sectionalism a keyword that does not have many currently searching because the experiment would not suffer so much outside influence. According to the guidance, the selected keyword was related to the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Isolating the factors

Chosen keyword, passed for selecting the page to be optimized. Again, thinking of getting the minimum the influence of other factors, was selected page PDF file with zero backlinks and positioned between the 8th and 10th position in SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

The results

With everything ready, the experiment began to run with the software generating 200-700 searches per day, clicking mostly on the link in PDF, guaranteeing a higher CTR than other indexed pages. And in about a week, the PDF He went from 10th to 3rd place in the Google SERP, remaining between the 4th and 5th place in the following weeks.

Curious about the results, experts were analyzing the changes in the SERP during the trial period and discovered something important: all URLs submitted in the first 10 search positions very varied daily, and this variation was closely linked to the location of IPs. This fact made them rethink the results and came to some conclusions:

  • The CTR is probably an indirect ranking factor because it is aligned to user behavior on the Internet. That is, the influence of the CTR in the positioning of a link in SERP varies according to the location and interests of the user connected to an IP;
  • Therefore, although not assert with certainty the weight that the CTR has as ranking factor, it was found that there is a correlation between CTR and positioning.

That said, it is relevant then think of CTR optimization as one of the points of our SEO strategy.

And how do we do it?

By optimizing the rich snippets of the main pages of your website. Simplifying somewhat, it can be done as follows:

  • Title optimization: focused on the keyword for which you are seeking a better placement;
  • Optimization Meta Description: focused on a combination of the most attractive phrases and aimed at a higher click through rate.

These optimizations added to work the rest On Page and Construction Authority through Link Building and Digital Press Office can be the difference in your SEO strategy.

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