What are sitelinks and how to get it?


Sitelinks (links on site) are some links that are displayed below the results of your brand or website that link to internal of the same section, the fact that these link below your site domain is displayed a sign that Google knows that your domain is a domain of authority.

Get sitelinks is very beneficial because users can go directly to those most popular sections of your website without “wasting time” exploring your page, but we are getting another benefit when it comes to show sitelinks, is that we are saturating the top 10 of Google for a search related to our brand, so if we want to take away any traffic page for our brand or another site speaks ill of our brand, it will be harder to reach users because such pages will have to scroll.


How to get links to our web site?

To encourage us Google sitelinks displayed as our most important sections of the web, you must perform a series of tasks that I will describe below:

  • Getting authority: Google does not show sitelinks for all websites or pages brands, you have to get your site to have authority, and for that you’ll be factors “control” and others who depend on you. Some of the factors that you can control are getting more links or backlinks, post quality content, social mentions … On the other hand, one of the most important factors that influence in determining sitelinks is the age of the domain, but do not worry, if you work well your website you can get sitelinks in less than two months.
  • Appropriate structure: For Google to determine which sitelinks must show it is necessary that the structure of your page is correct, respects a good hierarchy when structuring the page and try that is accessible to the most important pages Your web not only from the home, the pages that are most linked are more likely to be displayed, use friendly url …
  • Also noteworthy is that the sitelinks displayed for those pages that have a more or less considerable traffic , which is logical, but I assure you pages with 50 visitors a day and can start showing sitelinks.

Optimize sitelinks

Once the coveted sitelinks shown in search results and our brand website at Google, it is common to find that they are not sections of the web that most wish they delicatessen or who have not chosen the right way link title or description of such links, for this I recommend you do the following:

Show the most important pages in the sitelinks

As I already mentioned, it is common to see that within the sitelinks showing Google, some of them are not the most important of our website, to solve this problem you have two options:

1) We request Google to recess the links you do not want to show, for this we go to our Tools page Webmaster of Google and within the tool select the section “Aspects of search”, in this section we headed “Sitelinks” and introduce the urls we want Google does not show in our sitelinks.

2) Improve internal linkage of the home to the most important pages to help Google to make a proper decision about sitelinks, you need to give him a series of clues, and for that, if different from the home pages linking to the most important pages you want them displayed as sitelinks, Google will evaluate this signal and is likely to show the pages that you suggested.

Display the title and a correct description of sitelinks

It also often happens that the titles or descriptions of the links are usually not quite right or appropriate, so to help Google to show another title or description we have to do the following:

  • In the case of securities , try the anchor text with which links in most pages is that you want to show the links of site, try the url is the shortest possible and descriptive, review the target no title of this page is empty
  • For descriptions of sitelinks, it includes the text you want to appear as the description of the site link to the top of that page, add a meta description in the event that there is and check the page code as although visually the text you added at the beginning of that page appears, but often, in other code sections are shown before the text, so that Google gets the text of those sections before that you have written for the occasion.

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