What are the initial tasks to sell a product online from scratch ?


Want to start an online store to sell a product? Here I give some clues about the essential tasks that you have to deal with.

If you read between the lines of the past posts you may have noticed that now I’m turning a new business idea. I do not know if I could make money with it but it is a type of project that attracts me long ago to sell a physical product from an online store also creating a brand from scratch.

eCommerce“Fast” option to mount an online store from scratch

To launch an internet business is not much need. Sometimes it can be easier (at least at first glance) what one imagines from ignorance. You can sometimes leave without having its own infrastructure:

  • Sell ​​your product through Amazon: You can use the platform of selling e-commerce giant to sell online. You can even do it in mode Amashipping not have to worry just because of logistical issues.
  • Selling through your blog: The most simple and basic form. Create a page with a button and whole product sales Paypal. I have sincerely doubt that they can make a lot of sales this way. For a more professional appearance generating more trust it would be advisable to integrate a store with WooCommerce.
  • Make use of external platforms: You can also rent shops in the cloud. One option is ePages. If you wonder why I mention to them and not to others it is because the rest do not cooperate and also I like them. The advantage of such stores is that they are relatively easy to set up and require no technical knowledge to assemble. The downside is that you rent and you do not own.

In all the above options is a great disadvantage that they all have in common. One thing is already set up shop to start selling another world. This is what the vast majority of those starting at the end surprises. They think that this part is easier when in fact it is the most complicated.

Tasks and estimated time to mount an online store from scratch

Not looking for anything complicated. Something simple. A shop to sell a product and how much have 3-4 design variations. It requires a relatively small investment because the cost of launching this business is about all my time. Even though I value it as something incredibly valuable because it is so limited it is also a form of entertainment that I enjoy doing.

  • Find product: Here am assuming that you already have something in mind. If parts from scratch no search product can lengthen the whole process a lot. In my case the time invested was less than two hours because I had the idea and found 2-3 in Google searches.
  • Create a brand: The hardest part is to find a name. My brother wants to ride a project now takes a week and sending ideas through Whatsapp. In my case I was lucky because I thought of something and are also free extensions most important domains (“.com” and “.com”). Then comes the logo design. Sometimes choosing a free font that is attractive may be sufficient. In this post you will find a number of websites where you can download them at no cost.
  • Product design: Here will depend on the type of product. Assuming that is really simple it could be limited to the selection of colors to offer customer 2-3 variations. In my case I just invest some money in an external design that can cost 0-200 euros me through exchange of favors. Within less than 1 week you should be ready.
  • Find a provider: A lot less complicated than you imagine like. In Alibaba you’ll find it because there is nothing that is not sold here. I still have not any experience in this marketplace have bought but I will tell you shortly. There are many factors to consider here and the price is not the most important.
  • Launch page prepare Victor Campuzano took five hours to assemble the first version of Iron Blogger Spain. Really it does not have to be complicated. The important thing is to capture the first potential customers who might be interested in this type of product. Do not forget to make a pitch to the style “Blog-Up” before opening the doors.
  • Mount the WooCommerce: In less than two hours rode Alex Mateo and Antonio Cantero of Woodemia one WooCommerce from scratch in two webinars organized without cost from Quondos. Obviously they have an advantage but if you had the opportunity to participate and / or view the recording have seen that power can be.

Obviously I have not gone into great detail. Each point on the list deserves a whole post but if you realize I have put most of the links in this post you need to deepen the different aspects.

Another aspect is the type of product. If you choose one with a higher level of complexity the time (and cost) is triggered. So I always like to choose something from something that allows simple and then onto more complicated.

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