What benefits or advantages of SEO?


The aim of these talks is to tell, from a practical point of view, the benefits and opportunities offered by the search engine optimization (SEO), so this was more or less the index…

Benefits of Online Marketing

Talking about the benefits offered by the different disciplines of online marketing, as you can reach so many people with minimal economic investment and as small businesses, freelancers or simply people who love their work or hobby, they are able to dethrone large companies.

SEOSEO has not always been the same, long to fill the keywords meta tag was enough then to put some content and it did not worry much about content quality, poor quality links …

But all that has changed with panda and penguin, so now we have to take good care of the content if you want to position a product, and also look much profile links.

For those who say that SEO is dead, continue saying that while others will continue to optimize.

3 keys to success

  • SEO Onpage
  • SEO Offpage
  • People

There is much talk at the time of link building or internal page optimization, but very little about getting links, the latter might be because there is no single way to get links, and for me, the best way to get links is talking to people behind each page and offer them something of value in some cases is an audit mini websites, in other article, defining the strategy of your product, help to optimize adsense … There are many ways help and once you help, help you, offering or contact someone to be able to establish.

It seems obvious but …

What should gather a good SEO?

An SEO, so you can be competent, have to meet a series of parallel search engine optimization knowledge, you should know something about usability, web analytics, social media, content marketing… All this in order to know how to take the most appropriate when making a web optimization decisions.

How about attacking an online marketplace?

When wanting to invest in a new market, you should know how saturated it is, if there is a lot of competition and the level of searches there are for each keyword.

So before you invest time and money in a very competitive market or unprofitable, it should study the online competition of the market, for that there are 3 possible ways:

  • Check if there are companies that are paying to appear in the results of payment, because if there are companies that are paying to appear in the results of payment, it is reasonable to think that they are also paying to appear in the organic results.
  • Using tools: There are a number of tools that can help us get an idea about the competition that exists in an online marketplace, such as Market Samurai, Traffic Travis, Moz …
  • The manual way: It is the best and I recommend when going to invest time and money in an online marketplace, this will require studying the top 10 or 20 of the keywords we want to position ourselves to see what keywords are positioning our competition and begin to explore the values ​​that bring together those who are in the top 10. View the number of backlinks.

Not everything is SEO

Of course, investing all our efforts in a unique way to attract traffic is to gamble on one card, and if that one letter does not depend on us, if not the quality guidelines of Google, our company or product is a high risk.

Therefore, in order to “control” to minimize the risk of our company or product, you need to diversify efforts in all kinds of actions, so that if some day fail any of the actions that have been carried out, our product it does not look so affected.


He also offered a series of advice format mini pills, so you do not have any mental collapse and that the talk had lasted long, and take to see the need to have to invest in personal branding , i.e. in a world as competitive like the one today, you have to make yourself stand out, there will be more people with more training, more languages, more experience… But if you invest in yourself, you are able to create your “own brand” or being a fairly recognized person your sector that moves a community, which has made ​​its own projects, etc. You have a point in your favor that few have, therefore, start a blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel, ultimately, share content on your specialty and know a community care will make you stand out from others.

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