What gets in SEO Twitter with Moments?


Twitter has publicly announced the launch of Moments. No need to even go to see Twitter profile since at first only released in the United States and to certain content filtering, but what is interesting for our article is mainly SEO analyze what implications does this release.

SEOMoments involves exposing actual content (in fact, in real time) on classified categories, News, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation, specifically focusing on viral content search.

In this sense, Moments creates a focused exhibition content especially for new users as it has identified a too high learning curve for someone who knows first Twitter and therefore, this is slowing the natural growth of social network , which in turn is seriously affecting the company’s shares in freefall.

With Moments, a user can get all present and even back later, without becoming an active profile. This implies at first SEO component for an incredible increase in regard to recurring visits and also duration of the visit as it rebounds users coming back to Twitter and terror seeker or your favorite social network It is also expected to fall sharply.

It is also expected that learning the language typical of Twitter, that is, the use of hashtags, retweets and favorites, much faster and logical for users who do not know him completely, which constantly should increase the time use of social networking and user interaction. This practically means multiplying urls created, the increase of registered users and a considerable increase in multimedia elements in the network.

This is the most aggressive strategy to get new Twitter users and increase interactivity in the social network. As it relates to SEO, Twitter positioning so far has only managed to rival the competition in terms of the profile name, but as far as content is quite far from others like Facebook, Instagram and the like. The implications of this worldwide Moments are still boundless, but with rumors elimination of 140 characters is clear that Twitter is facing 2016 with clear goals to overtake rivals not only in terms of internal use of the platform, but directly in the SEO positioning.

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