What is Inbound Marketing and consisting?

inbound marketing

The point. Inbound Marketing is a methodology to attract visitors to a website and convert them into customers . It is based on creating high quality content, outstanding, in addition to fulfilling the mission of attracting capable, by applying the appropriate techniques to segment these visits.

“Inbound is to attract to your website the right visitors, turning them into potential customers, close the sale … turning them into customers and excite them so you buy other services and promotions from your contacts being ambassadors of your brand.”

inbound marketingBeing based on the creation of content, it is essential to know to whom we write , therefore, the first task to get going is to define best our client / s, reader / s ideals, buyer person. Parabolas attempt to flee from, but I think it’s good that you know in case you find in other texts.

How Inbound see is translated Attraction Marketing because it focuses on the customer and not the brand. No customer disrupts traditional advertising messages about a certain product or service but creating high quality content showing in various ways, you have the solution to problems that the users looking Attraction begin a process to take the user from occasional visit the blog of your company to customers.

He even goes further. Once you have purchased is followed, pampering, making him feel special, so we both believe that consumes more than one product or service and in turn promotions from their environment.
Inbound Marketing Mechanics

As you can see in the diagram to take the user from one phase to another, a series of tactics and tools are needed. There are comprehensive systems that offer all the operation that should be installed as is the case with HubSpot, creators of the method even the term Inbound Marketing.

Of course this needs a budget and not short, the truth is that I have been fortunate to try and HubSpot software is great. Has it all. Since there can centrally from creating your website and your blog without programming skills, manage your social networks to smart email marketing campaigns.

We will invent a new term and we do Inbound guerrilla. Try with the resources we have at hand realize best everything necessary to lift the visitors to our site to customers, satisfied and recommend us, there is nothing, so if you think it’s difficult it’s time to leave the post, others follow me.

Here I leave 4 main areas in which we must base our strategy:

1. Objectives and Planning

Here begins the success of our campaign. Good planning is key. We have said we need a great effort in creating content and for that the first thing we need is the right platform. There are many possibilities but, from my point of view I recommend you use WordPress for your web design will also fully integrated the blog of your company.

2. Collection Forms

One of the most common resources is to provide extra material with high added value in exchange for user data. We have several options for achieving this goal, build a list of subscribers . To do this we need only pick a good set of professional email marketing .

You have several options available. For over five years I used Mailchimp. But lately I’ve changed, but still use both simultaneously, Benchmark, which besides offering a little more monthly emails, is entirely and includes the auto responders function in the free plan.

3. Call to Action

I once read: “not enough to have an exceptional content to the end of the post if you do not tell your reader to do that one step further”. And that is precisely the call to action. Many bloggers use a question causing reactions with the aim of readers to comment on the blog. We try to go a step further.

From a simple button with a “Subscribe if you like what you read” something more elaborate, with a good image accompanying a brief description of extra content that we offer in exchange for the subscription and of course, action button. We can choose different locations and end of the post or the sidebar of the blog.

4. Landing Pages

Is where users that they clicked on a simple call to action, like a button should arrive. This is where the user will become contact, if finally complete the form, so we have to avoid distractions to focus the visitor to complete the registration action.

The design of a good landing page or landing is an art and deserves a full post (and will come and come again), but I will not finish this post without recommend a tool to optimize and design a good page.

There WordPress themes that already have predefined templates for your design. I always say that investing in a good theme is essential, in the end you save time and money.

Conclusion On Inbound Marketing

Implementing this method requires you see a brutal effort, not only for the creation of content, but by everything that carries with it and that we will see in coming days. But every effort has its reward and so we work, nobody tells it easy but if we want to stop having customers but customers who in turn recommend us to consume more and enjoy them we get past them and not in front.

Inbound marketing is more than a methodology, a technique or strategy is tutoring, accompany, assist the visit that one day arrived anonymously, perhaps even wrong to our blog, and accompany her as saying to make it someone close also It will help us grow attracting more visitors and more customers.

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