Where target advertising in social networks?

Social Networks

The social network advertising is proving highly effective. The ads promoted segmentation enjoys an unbeatable compared to any other digital environment to invest, which in turn translates into increased profitability of ads that are on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, excellent platforms to reach their potential customers.

The problem that arises in this type of advertising is where we should direct advertising and are 2 main roads on which to decide. And both can affect not only the economy of the company, but its position on the Internet.

Social NetworksSo we have the first option is direct users to the page or professional profile within the social network. This strategy increases the number of followers and avoids the problem of getting the user to another digital environment, which always resulted in worse conversion rates.

If the number of fans increases, publications are more likely to be viral or at least shared between users. Within SEO factors, the social is becoming increasingly important, so although it will be much more complicated monetize this type of advertising, yes you can build a strong community on which to base more interactions with our information, products or campaigns. Thus, it serves directly for organic positioning in the short term and produce more sales and long-term contracts.

The second strategy of advertising on social networks will be based on direct users of the social network to the web, shop online or concrete digital promotion that is being advertised. Based on sales this strategy has advantages over the previous one, for being too intrusive. Nor SEO benefits, but on the contrary, usually a large number of rebounds from visits from the “referral” noticeable value.

In any case, the number of visitors will increase significantly yes, but if the user is not satisfied or make optimal web surfing or profitability and positioning will be affected.

Ideally, this type of advertising is creativity opt for an aggressive and powerful, encouraging the user click, but also sparks your interest in the product or service.

Hopefully, in this advertising some users are also interested by the presence of the company in the social network from which they have come to the web. Therefore having presence there is essential for the end user behavior is the best possible to build an online community.

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